How To Disable or Turn Off ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook

When you use Facebook chat to talk with someone, a Seen By confirmation is displayed in the your Facebook chat box once your friend on the opposite end has actually seen or read the message. The Facebook seen message also contains the exact time when your friend has seen the message. This is very useful trick of Facebook for those who love their privacy. And do not like other to know when you see their messages. So today I show you to how you can disable seen feature on Facebook. This function is advantageous for the sender. It may be destructive and cause problems for the receiver. 

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension

To deactivate or disable seen feature and to hide the message read status, now we have Facebook unseen chrome extension. This don’t permit Facebook to identify whenever you look at messages. You can install this Facebook unseen chrome extension in your google chrome like you install other extensions. Open this Facebook unseen extension page, then click on the Install button. After the application is saved and installed. You may click on the icon to toggle Facebook Unseen On and off. This will disable seen feature in Facebook messages.

Social Reviver

Social Reviver is an advanced browser extensions which is available for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome. It lets you make many Facebook layout and functioning changes. For instance, you can get old Facebook layout back (pre 2011 layout), disable Facebook timeline, disable chat sidebar etc.

Unseenly is a Facebook app. Once it's installed, the read receipts are disabled.
If you're an Adblock Plus user, you can add as a custom filter and it'll block the read receipts without having to install an addition extension or app. Just add this URL to your block list:$xmlhttprequest

Note:- These methods to disable the Facebook ‘Seen By’ receipt in chat messages uses web browser extensions. So, if you are using a Facebook app on your mobile device or tablet to read the chat messages, your friends will still see the Seen by confirmation. These are the best and most convenient methods used to hide or disable the Facebook Seen feature.