Speed Up IDM By Using IDM Optimizer Tool?

IDM Stands for Internet download Manager is one of the leading download manager on the Internet. It is the best download manager available on the internet as compared to any other download manager like FDM , orbit , Dap etc. Everyone on internet must have tried this download manager at-least once. As you know, In Many Countries, WiFi and Other Internet Connection Speed is very low, and if we need to download anything, we need to wait for a long time, which is very difficult. So in this post, i will show you, that how can you boost download speed in your PC, with the help of IDM Optimizer

IDM Optimizer is one of the best idm speed booster in 2017. This software is doing nothing but creates some registry entry and modify some important registry of IDM. IDM has the registry of connection speed and max number of connection which is been modified by this software.

IDM Optimizer Features:-

  • Keep your downloads safe
  • Quickly get a boost of speed
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Keep your downloads safe

How to Speed Up IDM?

  • First download the IDM optimizer tool
  • Open the download and extract all files to desktop
  • Open IDM Optimizer tool you will get the below screen displayed

  • Click on Maximize Now! button.
  • If it works successfully then you will require to restart IDM, below screen will be displayed.
  • Restart your IDM.

IDM optimizer increase the Speed by 20-30%. If you want to test whether IDM optimizer really increase download speed or not ?. Then just first start downloading without IDM optimizer settings and then use IDM optimizer. You will see the difference of about 20-30%.