How To Record Whatsapp Calls With Android Devices

WhatsApp Calls is one of its most used feature. Everyone use it for Chatting with friends/family. Nowadays, people use WhatsApp daily for about at least 5-6 hours. But, there’s no call recording option present in the app yet. Many of users are using Whatsapp Calls, because of increasing voice call cost. Whats App Call recording can be useful in many cases, especially when you want to recall some talks with your friends or maybe you want a proof of some talks you did on WhatsApp. There are lots of apps to record your normal phone talks, but very less are present to record WhatsApp calls.

#Method 1

  • If you already have voice recorder on your device its good or you can download some good voice recorder. 
  • Open your voice recorder app, start recording. 
  • Open whatsapp, call your contact and put the phone on speaker mode, this will then record the call at highest voice quality for you without any Automatic call recording apps. 

#Method 2

  • Visit Play store Search for Messenger Call Recorder app. Then Download and Install the app.
  • Once the installation completes, you need to open this app and it will ask you enable the “Messenger Call Recorder” from your device settings.
  • Click on “ENABLE NOW” and you will in the device Settings where you can enable it. You can also do this manually by going to Device Settings and select Accessibility. Here just tap on Messenger Call Recorder to enable it.

  • Just make a call and it will be recorded to your device. To check the recordings you need to open the Recorder app and you can see it listed there.