Top 11 Amazing Unknown Facebook Features You Likely Didn’t Know

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site. Most people use Facebook primarily to post statuses, share pictures by posting on timeline. You can even like, comment, share links or posts whenever you come across an interesting title or your friend’s uploaded photo, videos etc. Facebook is seeking the attention of billions of people across the world. As it offers an easy user access, people are getting addicting to this social media platform. In fact, there are so many things you can do on that you probably don't know about everything.

1. You Didn't Even Know You Had Facebook Inbox 

If you've been a Facebook user for a while, Do you think you know everything there is to know about Facebook? then you probably have a folder full of unread messages that you didn't even know you had. When someone you presumably do not know messages you, no notification is given. These messages get directed into an alternate inbox called “Other” where they remain overlooked unless you make a specific effort to access them. The "Message Requests" folder (formerly, the "Other" folder.) This is where Facebook sends all the messages from people you're not currently friends with. It's like a spam folder, but unfortunately, a lot of messages from real people can be delivered there and end up lost forever until you find them waiting.

Facebook Messenger: Where is the 'other' inbox?


  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Click on Messages Inbox (top-right corner of site, next to Friend Requests button).
  • Select Message Requests (top of pop-up window, next to Recents).
  • Scroll down and click See Filtered Requests (bottom of pop-up window).
  • Select See All to open pop-up window into full-screen page.
Facebook Mobile apps
  • Open Facebook Messenger app.
  • Tap on Settings ( Right of navigation bar)
  • Tap People section (below Notifications bar)
  • Tap Message Requests (Top of screen)
  • Tap See Filtered Requests (Bottom screen)

2. Save posts to read later

While it feels great to like and comment particular shared posts link on Facebook, it's not always easy to spare time to read them due to work or any other engagements. Facebook users can save posts to read later . If someone clicks the down arrow at the top right corner of the post or article in question and hits “Save link,” the post will be automatically stored in a “Saved folder” that will afterwards appear on the screen’s left sidebar.

3. logged onto another person’s phone

Sometimes a Facebook user logged onto another person’s phone or computer and forgot to log out, this can be easily fixed
  • Open Facebook on web Browser
  • Goto “ Setting > Security > Where you’re logged in > Clicking the “End Activity” link.

4. Disable Facebook messages “seen” feature.

It seems like every messaging app these days, from Whatsapp to Facebook, insists on sending "read receipts" letting people know that you've seen their message. Sometimes you don't want to give a reply to your friends. But your friends starts thinking that you are ignoring them when they see “seen by you” receipts. To avoid this simply you can disable that option by following this simple trick.

If You Use Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome's browser, try Facebook Unseen extension. The extension blocks the URL that sends the "read receipt" to Facebook messages. It essentially marks all of your messages as unread, and you can choose to mark as read when you're ready to reply. The downside? Unless you want that "seen" message to appear, then you'll have an eternal notification for unread messages.

If You Don't Use Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome's browser, then install the AdBlock Plus browser extension and then add this url "$xmlhttprequest" to the extension's custom filters.

5. Share files on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger recently included a Dropbox to its usable functions that operates through cloud service. Dropbox can sync your files to multiple desktops, tablets, and of course your smartphone. If a user want to share a file then selects the “More” button in Messenger on an iOS or Android device. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and select the contact you want to send files to. Tap the more button and scroll down the More screen until you see the Dropbox app. Tap ‘Open’ and allow Messenger to open the Dropbox app (permissions may vary on Android devices). Select the file you want to send and wait for Dropbox to generate a link for it. Dropbox will download the file to your device (temporarily) and if you’re sharing a large file then you will have to wait for the download to finish before you can send it. Once the file is ready to be shared, you will switch back to the Messenger app with a Send option that is waiting for your confirmation.

6. Facebook Secret Emoji

Emoji. They take away some of the horrible pain of writing in plain language. Facebook will render all the usual face emoticons into pictorial representations. But there are a whole bunch you may not be using. 
  • (y)        = thumbs-up 'like' symbol
  • (^^^)    = a great white shark
  • :|]         = a robot
  • :poop:  = well, you know
  • <(")      = a penguin
You can use these in wall posts, chats, and comments, but they don't always render in mobile. You can find a full rundown of Facebook emoticons here.

7. Never forget your friend's birthday

Sometimes, you may forget your friends birthday. You may not be able to wish them. Your friend may get depressed by this. So send all upcoming birthdays to your Google calendar. It automatically reminds you on that particular date.
  • Go >> Events page in the left column. 
  • Click on “upcoming birthdays” and Copy the link 
  • Open Google Calendar and click on the down arrow next to Other Calendars >> Add by URL and paste the URL

8. Create a Customizable Supersized Post Facebook

Sometimes you want to share something that is worth more than a few sentences or a single image. If you don't have your own blog you can take advantage of a Facebook "Note." This is a personal blog post that lives inside the Facebook ecosystem. Here you can share paragraphs of text and multiple images (no HTML coding knowledge required).

Just head on over to, where you'll find notes from people you follow. If you want to add your own, just click the "+ Write a Note" link in the top-right corner. Spill your thoughts using the easy post editor, add a cover image if you want, and share just like you would a regular Facebook post. If you can't finish your note in one sitting, save it and publish later.

9. Download a Copy of All Your Facebook Activity

Want your own personal copy of everything you've ever shared on Facebook?  Every post, every image, every video, every message, and chat conversation .
  • Go to Settings > General and click on the link "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom and follow the directions from there. 

10. Stop auto-playing of videos in your news feed.

Most of times your data may be wasted in loading the undesired videos on your news feed.
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Select Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play 
  • Slide to disable Smart Auto-play
  • Select Use Wi-fi Only.

11. Add Some Extra Security to your account

It's always a good idea to put some additional layers of security on your Facebook account. No, you shouldn't be worried that someone will break into your account and start "liking" photos, articles, videos. But you should be concerned that someone could get in and use the information they find to steal your identity. 

Here are two Steps to protect your Facebook Account:

1. Create a log-in approval. 
This setting will only allow your Facebook account to be opened on a new browser after you enter a special code sent to your phone. 
  • To enable it, go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals. You'll be sent a test code to verify your device's authenticity. 
2. Create some Trusted Contacts.

Trusted Contacts are Facebook friends who can securely help you regain access to your account if you forget your password or lose your mobile device.
  • To enable this function, just go to Settings > Security > Trusted Contacts. And remember, you can always change your contacts later. (you'll need to choose three and five Trusted Contacts )